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This website is a beta version of a website that will contain an Internet sheet music library called Art Song Reference and Library (ASRAL), a quick reference guide to classical music research resources, and a blog.

The library contains a very specialized collection - just art songs, but art song is defined very loosely, as anything that can be performed in recital. This includes opera arias, concert arrangements of folk songs, historically significant salon songs, and even some duets and part-songs. The works included are all in the public domain and are mostly out-of-print. They are available for free downloading in the "Stacks" section of the library.

There will be a library catalog containing information about every song in the collection. It will be searchable by many fields useful to those looking for art songs, including most of the standard fields (composer, poet, title, publisher, year of publication, etc.), as well as some that are usually only used in repertoire guidebooks such as Sergius Kagen's Music for the Voice, like key, range, tessitura, recommended voice type, and language. There are also a few additional searchable fields that could be of use for recital programming: composer's nationality, poet's nationality, general tempo information, instruments, style, and number of singers (a few duets and part-songs keep drifting in...).

A blog will be available for visitors to help each other with art-song related questions, to post information about events, discuss news, etc., and I will also occasionally post a few thoughts.

This will all take some time - thank you for your patience and interest in ASRAL.

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Last revised: October 8, 2011